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rs180If you have decided that the time is right to purchase wireless headphones, you are probably checking out the top models from some of the top producers, and comparing their features and reliability. After all, if you are planning to spend good money on a purchase, you want the best product that you can get for that money.

This means a quality product from a reputable company, with an excellent customer service reputation. You also want headphones that meet or exceed your personal needs. Pairing the right headphones with your HDTV or LED TV guarantees you with the best entertainment experience.

Sennheiser ranks up there among the very best in audio equipment. Their reputation has been carefully built over the past 60 years; they are well known for their quality and reliability, and are in constant use around the world.

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KLEER Technology

wireless headphones for tv Sennheiser RS180The Sennheiser RS180 is a top of the line set of headphones. It not only has all of the basic features of the other models, but also several advanced features to increase your listening pleasure. The KLEER technology is one of the newest advancements in the field of audio streaming.

KLEER, unlike older technology, can stream 16 bit quality audio. It uses less battery power, and it allows you to use up to four different sets of headphones from a single source. That means that you and three others can all listen to the same music or other sound at the same time, yet each can have the volume set just where they choose!

The ear cup design is made to be highly comfortable, and allows for an individualized and detailed audio experience.

Operating Range

The Sennheiser RS180 uses an automatic tuning feature, which permits no interference between the transmitter and the headphones. They also have an extra wide range of 328 feet. This allows them to cover even a large room, and allows you to move about a larger area of the house without losing sound capability. It also means no wires to tangle or trip over!

Battery Life

The battery charging and docking station for the rechargeable batteries is convenient and easy to use. You won’t have to make use of it as often as with older styles, because the batteries have a life of 24 hours between charges.

When you are ready to choose your new headphones, you will find that the many features of the Sennheiser RS180 make it an exceptional selection. The great sound reproduction, wide range, and affordable price tag all help put it at the top of its field.

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