Sennheiser RS170 Review – Digital Over-The-Ear Wireless Headphones

rs170With all of the distractions common today, we often prefer our private time at home. Watching and listening to a TV show can be pleasant for you, but what about the others around you?

Would they prefer to read a book, or converse with someone else? In bed, some of us enjoy watching TV before we fall asleep – but does that keep your spouse awake long after she wants to go to sleep?

Using wireless headphones allows you to have a pleasant experience, with great audio at the level you prefer. Do you like to blast the sound so that you feel as if you are in a movie theater? You can feel comfortable listening the way you like, and no one is inconvenienced.

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Introducing The Sennheiser RS170

wireless headphones for tv Sennheiser RS170One of the most popular and best loved of the wireless headphones on the market today is the Sennheiser RS170. Enjoy the high audio quality that you want from your new HDTV/LED TV. You will love the features that make it unique, and provide you with dynamic bass and surround sound. Enjoy your audio experience as never before.

Sennheiser is a well established producer of high quality equipment including headphones, headsets and microphones.

They are known for their quality and have an excellent record for service.

Kleer Technology Blocks Interference From Other Wireless Devices

Their RS170 model has a great reputation as an over the ear model that works well with an HDTV and home theater system. It also uses Kleer technology, which can be very convenient. This technology blocks any interference from other wireless devices that you might have in your home.

These headphones are easy to use and have simple controls. All that is necessary is to plug the transmitter cable into your TV output jack. To make it even better, up to four other headphone sets can be used with the same transmitter. This means more people can each experience the great, personalized experience.

Operating Range

The Sennheiser RS170 headphones offer an excellent range – up to 260 feet. This means that they can be used even in a large room without losing any of the quality. They are a comfortable design that fits nicely into your ear. They have a well designed headband, both of which work together to provide you with great audio sound.

The docking station recharger is included in this affordable package, so that whenever you are ready to use them, your headphones are ready for you!

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