Bose AE2w Bluetooth® Wireless Headphone Review

boseIf you live anywhere in the modern world, you are probably acquainted with BOSE products.

The product line is known for its high quality and reliability, as well as new innovations.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology, which BOSE uses widely, is one of the most popular and hottest of the innovations. One of its major advantages is that it is compatible with various electronics.

Video Review

Receive Calls On Mobile Device

wireless headphones for tv Bose AE2wWith BOSE AE2w wireless headphones, you have the ability to listen to music or TV, and still receive calls on your mobile device! There are no wires to bother with, leaving your hands free for other tasks.

These headphones are Bluetooth based, and can have you connected to many Bluetooth enabled devices. It is the first wireless headphone that BOSE has offered, and lives up to the BOSE reputation for high quality equipment.

BOSE AE2w TriPort technology

There are many features incorporated in these headphones that increase your entertainment satisfaction. BOSE provides improved quality and richness of sound with the TriPort technology used in them. They can be used with two separate devices at the same time.

Watch a streaming video on your iPad, and connect your headphone at the same time to your mobile phone. When you receive a call, your video will pause while you take the call.

Built In Microphone

Do you typically use voice recognition apps? The BOSE AE2w wireless headphones have a built in microphone which recognizes these apps.

Outstanding Battery Life

It has an excellent battery life – 7 hours when in use; 200 hours on standby.

They are designed for the wearers comfort, even over prolonged use. They have cushioned earcaps, and an adjustable headband.

BOSE AE2w Operating Range

The BOSE AE2w wireless headphones have an operating range of 30 feet so that you can have a wide range of motion while still hearing clearly and concisely. Static is not a problem with this model.

These are a great choice for anyone who needs to be able to hear beyond their headphones. They are not noise cancelling, which means if the baby starts to cry, you will be able to hear him. Are you waiting for an important land line call? You can enjoy great audio quality and still catch that call when it comes in. And if your wife or friend needs your attention, you won’t be in trouble for ignoring them!

They are light and comfortable, and yet still sturdy.

If you are looking for a great set of headphones with Bluetooth technology, the BOSE AE2w wireless is a great choice.

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