Best Headphones Under $50

Headphones have gotten very expensive! Paying a lot of money for headphones is not really necessary, there are a few pairs that are under $50 that can serve your purposes. A lot of consumers have provided reviews for inexpensive headphones and even don comparisons between very expensive headphones to the under $50 types and have not been able to detect a real difference in the quality.

It leaves you wondering if what you are really paying for is not the technology but the brand name instead.

The best headphones under $50 are listed below.

The Incipio f38 Headphones

The Incipio offers a comfortable fit and decent sound quality. They are a good pick for the under $50 category.

JVC Flats

The JVC Flats fold flat but do not have a carrying case. Frankly for the price $13 you can buy a carrying case if you must. They are comfortable and have good sound quality and they are THIRTEEN DOLLARS! JVC is a quality name in sound and these Flats do not disappoint.

Koss Porta Pro’s

The Porta Pro’s are a uniquely designed headphone. The sound quality is comparable to much more expensive models. They are comfortable to wear according to consumer reports but they look a little strange. The cost is a very affordable $25! Well worth the small investment.


The LG Tone HSB is not actually headphones because they do not slip over the head. They have a unique neck design. This unusual design is reported as more comfortable than traditional headphone designs. The price is very comfortable as well at around $30.

Sennheiser HD202 Headphones

These headphones have been around for quite some time (more than a decade) so they have had tons of time to perfect this product. They have ear cups that can be detached to make listening with one ear a lot easier, it is a great affordable option for DJ’s or anyone that works in the music industry and is just getting started. The cost? An affordable $25!

Audio Technica ATH M-30

These headphones offer a comfortable fit that can easily deliver sound that you would expect from a much more expensive pair of headphones. The price on these headphones hover right around $50. A good fit and good sound for under $50 it is a great option.

IFrogz Ear Pollution

The IFrogz Ear Pollution are a fun pair of headphones! The cost is under $50 and the style and sound are fabulous.

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